Blog Shoutouts

So this week I thought I should show you how I got to blogging, and who has helped me get here. So here we go.

At the start of Year 8, I met my now best friends, TahDreamer, SimplyBella, TinkWasHere, ThatAwkwardPotato, ScatteredWonder, and Angelic. TahDreamer had started a blog when I first met her which I absolutely loved and I thought, why not start my own? So I made this blog in the holidays. But I’m not great at setting up websites so it all messed up and I abandoned it. In this time TinkWasHere started a TipsTricksAndMore blog and posted a bit, but then started a new blog, TinkWasHere. Then we all messaged each other and encouraged each other to all make blogs so we can do blog collabs (like my last post). I restarted this blog and tried to do a post, but it all glitched, so I got TahDreamer to help me do my first post, and showed me all the ways to use WordPress. Then ThatAwkwardPotato started her blog, with SimplyBella making hers as well. A couple of days after that, the fabulous ScatteredWonder started her blog, with Angelic making hers. So far, I don’t think Angelic has properly set up her blog, but give her a bit of time and it will be looking as good as everyone else’s blogs.

Now to the proper shoutouts.



Instagram: @tahdreamer

TahDreamer posts a lot of really goals posts, which include tips, how to’s, DIYs, and hacks. I love this blog with all my heart! You need to go check it out!

If you are wanting to make your own blog, which I encourage, TahDreamer used WordPress, which, if making in a group, is really useful because you can get the app and follow them, but also like and comment on their posts.



SimplyBella posts really cool DIYs, focusing on stationery. Her posts are show really goals DIYs that I have tried and work magnificently. Go check it out if you want to make something cool!

If you are wanting to make your own blog, SimplyBella used wix which has really cool templates, and can make your blog look really cool, but it’s mainly used to make business websites.



Instagram: @1tinkwashere1

TinkWasHere is a really amazing blog, with posts every second day, with DIYs, to tips. Go check them out if you want a daily update on what’s happening!

If you are looking to start a new blog, TinkWasHere used edublogs, which makes really simple looking blogs, and is really easy to use.



ThatAwkwardPotato posts really cool posts that show things all normal people need and experience and I find it really funny. If you want to see a hilarious blog, go check it out now.



Instagram: @em_with_a_pen

ScatteredWonder is a really smart and creative blog, along with her Instagram which has 1.4k followers. Her Instagram posts really amazing art, and her post is along those lines. For amazing art and blog posts, look at her Instagram and blog.



Angelic, as I said, hasn’t been properly made yet, but knowing Angelic, these posts are going to really bubbly and fun and I’m sure all of you would want to read how funny she is. For a laugh, go check out her blog once it is all set up.
So there you have it, some amazing blogs that you have to check out. Before I end this post, I’d like to say a couple more things. 

First, yesterday was ScatteredWonder’s birthday so just want to wish her a massive happy birthday please!

Second of all, tomorrow is my last day of school so I may post a bit more.

And just to let you know, I’ve decided to make my posts daily – on every Wednesday. So make sure to stay tuned every week.

Hope you all have a good rest of the week and I’ll see you next Wednesday.

ThatDopeWebsite, out.


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