Winter Reads

A lot of you guys have probably got Wattpad, but if you don’t, you need to get it. Wattpad is pretty much an app/website where you write your own books, or read other people’s books. And I love Wattpad (you probably know this if you read my last post). So to celebrate the start of winter, I thought I would do a list of my absolute biggest most best and favourite Wattpad books for you to read this winter.

These are in no particular order so feel free to read them in a different order. And also, some are unfinished, so I will write completed or not next to them. Also, I’m not going to be putting any fanfics down, only proper books. If you do want a list of fanfics though, comment a ❤️ and I will do it in the near future.

Anyway, let’s get on with the blog.

  1. The Bad Boy Stole My Bra. By Cherry_Cola_x. It all started with Alec stealing Riley’s bra. Completed.
  1. Battle of the Captains. By seakissed. Kody and Austin are the dream dating material, yet they hate eachothers guts. Completed.
  2. Lucky Kiss Number 13. By sarcasticallyfluent. What happens when Tessa denies the pre-game kiss? Completed.
  3. All Boys Have Cooties. By molly_me12. When the biggest girl jock has 5 boys ready to date her, what does she do? Not Completed.
  4. The Day I Died. By NeonLights1404. Ever died but had a chance to redeem yourself with a bucket list? Completed.
  5. The Bucket List. By neveadams. What happens when the class need decides to make a bucket list? Completed.
  6. There’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate. By MP13Girl. It all started with Jesse spilling Icecream on Jordan. Completed. There is a prequel. Also, check out all of MP13Girl’s books because they are all really good.
  7. The Cell Phone Swap. By DoNotMicrowave. What happens when Keeley accidently swaps phones with the rival schools quarterback? Completed.
  8. The Guy Next Door. By Percabeth5599. Who would you pick: the bad boy or the good boy you’ve loved your whole life? Completed.
  9. My Lovely Jerk. By TheRiverRunsDeep. Have you ever been tricked into love? Completed. This is by far my most favourite author ever. You seriously need to read all of her books.
  10. Seven Mistakes. By TheRiverRunsDeep. Would you make seven mistakes to impress the boy of your dreams? Completed.
  11. I Dare You. By TheRiverRunsDeep. Have you been dared to lay on the hood of your neighbours car? Completed. Do go check out all of the other books I haven’t listed here. You’re seriously missing out if you don’t read them.
  12. I’m A Model That’s Undercover As The School’s Nerd. By KittyKattt_. Have you ever gone undercover? Completed. This is the first book of a series, but you have to read the whole series. It’s so intriguing.
  13. Last Virgin Standing. By laughterandjynx. What happens when 5 boys are fighting for your virginity. (Authors Note. It’s not as dirty as it sounds.) Completed.
  14. Dorm Room 210. By Broken_Dream07. How would you like to be in the room that is known to make haters fall in love? Completed.
  15. Roommates. By XthatONEchicX. Being stuck in the same room as an annoying, pervert, yet hot jerk isn’t as easy as it sounds. Completed. This is part of a series and the series is really good.

So there you have it. My absolute biggest most best and favourite Wattpad books. I could’ve added all of TheRiverRunsDeep and MP13Girl’s books but the list would’ve been too long. But still go and check out all of their books. I hope that covers what to read in winter. Be sure to check out my Wattpad ( @dope_10 ) to see all of my other favourite books!

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